Art Glass Lamps

Art Glass Carnival Floor Lamp
Click for full image Helen Rudy, who is known for her innovations in combining light with fused art glass, has recently launched a collection of fused art glass floor lamps. Her floor lamps are 58" tall and have four 6" x 48" glass panels with bulbs that light the panels from the inside. The glass panels come in the Carnival, Quadrata, and Glacé styles. The Glacé panels can easily be customized to any color and the fixtures can be finished to match.

Art Glass Glace Table Lamp
Click for full image Helen has also created a series of table lamps that match her floor lamps. Those also have the four-panel construction and are 21" tall. All her lamps use dimmable CFL bulbs. The glass panels are sandblasted on the back to create a diffused glow to the light.

Helen will also create custom lamps just for you. The artistry of Helen's lines and her smooth hand-blown craftsmanship make her art-glass lamps a stunning addition to any room. She also stays abreast of the latest technological breakthroughs so as to produce the best lamps available anywhere.

Illuminate your home with Helen's works of art. Whether you prefer a modern table lamp, a distinctive floor lamp, an oil lamp or a dramatic chandelier, each piece that Helen creates embodies a richness and vitality in color resulting in a high-quality light with a stunning and unique signature style. Helen's designs are popular for commercial and residential applications worldwide.

Contact Helen at any time to have her answer questions you may have about anything related to glass art. Beautiful fused art glass lamps can indeed make a big difference to the look and atmosphere of your home or workspace.


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"My work vision is to create glass pieces that are not only beautiful, sometimes tactile but are also functional. Glass is not an inexpensive medium and I find that if a piece is both functional and beautiful the owners are able to enjoy it more as they use or see it."

2014 Niche Awards Finalist