Art Glass Pendant Lights

The Beginnings

Art Glass Floral Pendant Lights
Click for full image After WWI interior designers began to focus on the form-follows-function principle and embrace the theory that less is more. Lines became cleaner and simpler. Lighting began to compliment rooms rather than just brighten them. The "modern/contemporary" style evolved and pendant lighting was invented.

Since the 1990s, lighting design has become more personalized, flexible and relaxed. Designers are more environmentally conscious and work to consume fewer resources. Another development is that artists now have the techniques to make hanging pendant lighting from fused art glass.

Fused Art Glass Pendant Lighting by Helen Rudy

Fused glass pendant lighting can add elegance and versatility to your home. Helen Rudy has an excellent selection of pendant lights or she can customize some for you. From contemporary to traditional, Helen has the right art glass lighting to create the impression you want and your home deserves. Providing bright, pleasant illumination, Helen's pendants are a beautiful marriage of form and function. Her art glass lights range from dazzling colors to soothing textures.

Art Glass Drape Pendant Light
Click for full image Fused art glass pendant lights are less bulky than chandeliers and make wonderful task lighting for workspaces. They are space-saving alternatives to table and floor lamps.

Kitchen counters and islands, dining room tables, and entryways are some of the more popular locations for pendant lighting. Some of the most popular types are:

  • Halogen mini pendant lights that can be grouped in a straight line for a uniform appearance

  • Oversized hanging drum shade pendant lights

  • Drum pendant lights can be used anywhere as a lone light source. If placed on dimmers, they provide brighter light for tasks and softer light for dining.

By the way, Helen Rudy's Carnival style art glass looks amazing as a pendant or bowl chandelier!


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"My work vision is to create glass pieces that are not only beautiful, sometimes tactile but are also functional. Glass is not an inexpensive medium and I find that if a piece is both functional and beautiful the owners are able to enjoy it more as they use or see it."

2014 Niche Awards Finalist