Art Glass Wall Sconce

Art Glass Amber and Cream Wall Sconce
Click for full image Your décor is incomplete without a fused art glass wall sconce. Helen Rudy's fused art glass wall sconces are impeccably designed, feature outstanding quality and value, and add distinction and style to any room. They are appropriate for homes, workplaces, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc. Each of her sconces is unique in design and carefully handmade.

Wall sconces are some of the most versatile and practical lights available. They add beauty and usefulness without taking up valuable floor space. Art wall sconces can be hardwired, use cords, or even be battery powered. They can be designed to direct light in any direction or in several directions at once. Some sconce fixtures even use the shape of the fixture to play with light patterns on the wall. The art glass wall sconce fits many kinds of lighting styles, so there are sconces to fit all kinds of preferences. They are truly functional works of art.

Sconces have been used for centuries to help light the way down long secluded corridors of convents or illuminate the bedchambers of medieval kings and queens. Wooden torch sconces came first, followed by candle-lit wall sconces. Historically, sconces were constructed of iron for the wealthy and wood for the homes of ordinary folk. Today they may be made of steel, fireproof plastic, aluminum, porcelain, or glass. Possibly the most elegant of these are made of fused art glass, which became popular when new technology made the process easier.

Art glass wall sconces can give your lighting a soft elegant glow with designs that can go with any décor. To find the best fused art glass wall sconces for your needs, contact Helen Rudy.


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"My work vision is to create glass pieces that are not only beautiful, sometimes tactile but are also functional. Glass is not an inexpensive medium and I find that if a piece is both functional and beautiful the owners are able to enjoy it more as they use or see it."

2014 Niche Awards Finalist