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Helen Rudy Glass coasters are big sellers. There are many coasters sets in the big wide world. What sets her coasters apart is the fact that they tend to be a little larger and a little thicker and more attractively designed. Often artists cheapen the design by only using two thin pieces of glass, thus resulting in uneven surfaces that rock.

Helen Rudy's fused glass coasters have the right amount of thickness and size to properly hold the cups and protect the surface against spills and scratches. With careful glass placement she ensures there is the right amount of texture so that the glass does not stick to the coaster and drop off when picked up. Neither should the glass slide off. Who would have thought such care would go into making simple coasters? Each set comprises four 4-inch coasters with rubber bumps on the base to stop scratching and sliding. They come wrapped with a coordinated ribbon ready to give as gift.

The fused glass coasters coordinate with all the pieces in the bowls, platters and plates within her collection. Helen has had clients who have bought her carnival coasters, added hangers to the backs and hung them on walls as a decorative element.

Fused glass coasters make a wonderful hostess gifts, bridal shower gifts, and are the perfect introductory piece as a start of a collection of coordinating glassware. Helen Rudy's fused glass coasters make it easy to give as presents to sons, brothers and husbands. Who does not need a set of coasters for the home or office? If you want different colors or styles to coordinate with your home décor, please contact Helen as she would love to make a set for you.


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"My work vision is to create glass pieces that are not only beautiful, sometimes tactile but are also functional. Glass is not an inexpensive medium and I find that if a piece is both functional and beautiful the owners are able to enjoy it more as they use or see it."

2014 Niche Awards Finalist